The Ultimate Dead End in the History of Screen Writing.

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Title Date Sample Intertitle
From the Manger to the Cross Oct '12 THE BEGINNING OF MIRACLES.
The Life and Death of King Richard III Oct '12 "Prophesy of wizard thrown in at window."
Cleopatra Nov '12 "You may kill me, Queen, but the love in my soul for you will never perish!"
80 Million Women Want - ? Nov '13 The young lawyer is opposed to his sweetheart's interest in Political Equality.
Traffic in Souls Nov '13 "Five hundred was too much to pay for girl number 364."
For Ireland's Sake Jan '14 Explanatory Title. This entire production was produced in County Kerry, Ireland, amid the beautiful Killarney District. The Gap of Dunloe, the Black Valley, Muckross Abbey, Sweet Innisfallen and the lakes are shown among many other pretty spots famed in song and story.
Judith of Bethulia Mar '14 Nathan could scarce be refrained from going to the succor of Naomi.
Tess of the Storm Country Mar '14 "I know we ain't married, Ben, but yer ain't never kissed our baby since he cum."
Home, Sweet Home May '14 "I got no picture to give you, but this Christmas card looks like me"
Uncle Tom's Cabin Aug '14 "I hate religious niggers, damn you! Give that boy a hundred lashes, or I'll send you to that New Jerusalem you are always talking about."
The Patchwork Girl of Oz Aug '14 The Lonesome Zoop.
A Florida Enchantment Sep '14 Lillian dons female attire for the last time and leaves for Florida.
The Virginian Sep '14 "Pal, stick to rum, cards an' cussin' - keep your iron off another man's cattle."
Hearts and Diamonds Sep '14 Believing that Miss Whipple would favor a bachelor more than a widower, Tupper packs his daughters off to their uncle.
The Magic Cloak of Oz Sep '14 And after the Fairies had made the Magic Cloak, they did not know what to do with it, so they had to ask the Man in the Moon.
His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz Oct '14 Princess Gloria, scorning Googly-goo, falls in love with Pon, the Gardener's boy.
The Wishing Ring Nov '14 Grieved by the Earl's sufferings and wishing to relieve him, Sally applies to the gypsies for a remedy to cure his gout.
The Bargain Dec '14 The West! The Land of Vast Golden Silences Where God Sits Enthroned on the Purple Peaks and Man Stands Face to Face With His Soul
Cinderella Jan '15 "But do I have to go to the Ball dressed like this?"
A Fool There Was Jan '15 "Kiss me, my Fool!"
Alice in Wonderland Jan '15 Here come the lobsters.
Hypocrites Jan '15 The people are shocked by the nakedness of truth
Young Romance Jan '15 "IF YOU TURN YOUR HEAD, I'LL BLOW IT OFF."
The Birth of a Nation Feb '15 "Dem free-niggers f'um de N'of am sho' crazy."
Alias Jimmy Valentine Feb '15 By day he is Mr. Lee Randall - respected citizen. By night he is Jimmy Valentine - enemy to society.
Hearts in Exile Apr '15 "Oh, Paul, why are you poor? I dare not love you. I must have money for my work."
The Fugitive Apr '15 Luke determines to take him to his desert cabin, not having the heart to leave the Sheriff behind to perish in the desert.
Ghosts Jun '15 "You, my father? No! I'm an outcast. Goodbye!"
The Stolen Voice Aug '15 Jealousy prompts the Doctor to use hypnotic influence to take away his rival's voice.
Bold Emmett, Ireland's Martyr Aug '15 Con: -- "Have ye the word?" Emmett: -- "I have! Con: -- "What is it?" Emmett: -- "Liberty!"
Regeneration Sep '15 "Hide me, Owen -- I knifed a cop!"
Trilby Sep '15 "Trilby is tone deaf. She can no more sing than that fiddle can play itself, but under my power, she will be the greatest contralto the world has ever known."
The Coward Oct '15 The gay day -- the Gray day -- when War's finger beckoned and men obeyed, stepping across destiny's threshold toward the battle-reddened horizon where Death and Glory stood hand in hand.
Carmen Nov '15 "I will give you this incorruptible officer bound hand and foot - by love."
Martyrs of the Alamo Nov '15 An inveterate drug fiend, the Dictator of Mexico also famous for his shameful orgies.
The Cheat Dec '15 "The same old story - My husband objects to my extravagance - and you."
The Golden Chance Jan '16 "This'll look fine in print. 'Young Millionaire visits wife of day laborer at midnight.'"
His Picture in the Papers Feb '16 That very evening the Prindles invite the Cadwaladers to a sumptuous banquet of pre-digested prunes.
Hell's Hinges Feb '16 "TO HELL WITH THE CHURCH! Let's burn her down!"
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Feb '16 I reckon I do love yo' - - but I'll shoot your head off - if yo' cross that door!
Silas Marner Feb '16 "How Would You Like to Marry This Gentleman and Get a Lot of Money?"
Hoodoo Ann Mar '16 She invents a test of cleanliness that was never found in the pages of the Homely Ladies Journal.
Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen Apr '16 "Your charms tonight are for Darn Hosiery."
Where Are My Children May '16 "I have just learned why so many of you have no children. I should bring you to trial for manslaughter, but I shall content myself with asking you to leave my house!"
Civilization Jun '16 After nineteen centuries of Christian spirit, its mockery is laid bare in the sight of men thirsty for blood.
Going Straight Jun '16 Nature, the Wonder Worker! Nature will make a booby of a wise man's son, she will sew a bird's nest into a locomotive stack, or plant a primrose on a blizzard-swept peak, where it will defy the worst storm Nature herself can raise; so in her humanity department where the human element is of the vilest, the conditions the most sordid, there grows a girl-lily, beautiful and lovable, amidst her filthy surroundings.
The Mystery of the Leaping Fish Jun '16 Coke Ennyday took no chances on admitting a visitor without consulting his scientific periscope.
Lady Windermere's Fan Jul '16 "And I dare not tell her that this woman is her mother. The shame would kill her."
Flirting with Fate Jul '16 Even the terror of imminent death cannot keep our Augy from the side of his Gladys.
Gretchen the Greenhorn Sep '16 Rogers of the mystery ship pursues the evil purpose for which he has become a neighbor of Jan.
Intolerance: Love's Struggle Through the Ages Sep '16 "We must destroy or be destroyed."
The Ocean Waif Nov '16 "He lifted the stone. There lay the skeletons of a dozen men---"
American Aristocracy Nov '16 "Do you know who I am? I'm Hicks, the man who put the hump in the hatpin."
The World and the Woman Nov '16 "Do you see that misshapen mockery of a human being? That is my wife -- -- the woman I love."
The Matrimaniac Dec '16 "Your eyes shine like--like--er--the scent of the jasmine in a--er--in a lake of silver."
Joan the Woman Dec '16 Founded on the Life of Joan of Arc, the Girl Patriot, Who Fought with Men, Was Loved by Men and Killed by Men - Yet Withal Retained the Heart of a Woman.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Dec '16 One night in his bedchamber the ghost of the Princess tortures him to the point of madness.
The Poor Little Rich Girl Mar '17 "I may be a Silly Ass, but I'm not a Two-faced Thing, like you."
A Tale of Two Cities Mar '17 "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."
A Romance of the Redwoods May '17 With the Dawn Came Primitive Hunger.
Wild and Woolly Jun '17 "Hang the office, Judson! I'm sick of this life! I want to be out in the West, where there's room to breathe - where the blood runs red in one's veins - and where a six shooter is a man's best friend!"
The Little American Jul '17 "Somewhere in this house - there must be a man who is something more than a splendidly drilled beast!"
Betsy Ross Sep '17 "Scipio, don't you dare kill that Vernon nigger---it will ruin his new suit!"
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Sep '17 "This soap is of such pure engredients that a baby can eat it with relish and profit."
'49-'17 Oct '17 "I don't know what you're up to, Raynor, but if Peggy's going to suffer by it, Nugget Notch won't be big enough for both of us!"
Seven Keys to Baldpate Oct '17 "You won't be disturbed here --- this is the only key in existence to Baldpate Inn."
A Little Princess Nov '17 "My 'ead bumps into the slats, Miss - w'en you speaks of murderin' the whole fambly!"
Reaching for the Moon Nov '17 "Your mother was of royal blood. The last of her house has died, leaving you sole heir to the throne. You must hasten to your kingdom at once, Sire!"
The Silent Man Nov '17 "Thet thar liquid, stranger, war designed by natur' to run under bridges and for the chinks to wash clothes in."
Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman Dec '17 "Mr. Raffles seems as good at love making as he is at cricket--plays a lovely game, doesn't he?"
The Secret Game Dec '17 "American girl have beeg round eye instead of the beautiful slant - but some of her have beauty."
Tom Sawyer Dec '17 "Say, if you give me any more of your sass, I'll take and bounce a rock off'n your head!"
The Scarlet Car Dec '17 "Mighty funny - the cashier and thirty-five thousand dollars disappear at the same time!"
A Modern Musketeer Dec '17 "Listen son--you've got the wrong idea. Women want equal rights. If you want their love, give them equal lefts too."
The Man from Texas ??? '17 -- the boys on the Diamond M ranch were always ready to stack up the 'Man from Texas' against any puncher in the valley.
Stella Maris Jan '18 "We were happy until she could no longer control this habit. Then - the Woman in her died and she became a Thing - a beastly - cruel Thing!"
The Unbeliever Feb '18 "A thousand damnations on your sniveling, lying preaching! There ain't no God - - I know it! There's only Hell - - - - -"
Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley Mar '18 "Wonder where she copped that muff!"
Hearts of the World Mar '18 After all, does war ever settle any question? The South was ruined - thousands of lives were sacrificed - by the Civil War; yet, did it really settle the Black and White problem in this country?
The Whispering Chorus Mar '18 "Be strong enough, my son, to bear the truth! Jane, believing you dead, was married two years ago - to the Governor of this State!"
The Blue Bird Mar '18 Tradition whispers that in the sky is a bird, blue as the sky itself, which brings to its finder HAPPINESS. But everyone cannot see it; for mortal eyes are prone to be blinded by the glitter of wealth, fame and position, and deceived by the mocking Will-o'-the-Wisp of empty honors.
Tarzan of the Apes Apr '18 The nearness of the clinging form, the warm touch of the first woman he had ever known, thrilled Tarzan with a new emotion and every throbbing pulse-beat spurred him to take her for his own.
A Dog's Life Apr '18 "If you smile and wink, they'll buy a drink."
M'liss May '18 "Think you'll have a purty nice cabin here - after you weeds out the rattle-snakes. Last feller lived here - died of 'em."
Old Wives for New Jun '18 "Listen to me - and then forgive me if you can! I am married, Juliet, I'm not that boy's brother - I'm his father!"
The Forbidden City Sep '18 "Oh, Buddah, please send love-man here to give me million sweet kisses."
Shoulder Arms Oct '18 "Pay attention to the war!"
Don't Change Your Husband Jan '19 The Dangers of a Fancy Dress Ball lurk as insidiously behind the merriment as a Serpent under Rose Leaves - its very Romance is Temptation! At least so discovered Van Sutphen and Leila.
The Son-of-a-Gun! Feb '19 "Sheriff, I calls that damn purty."
The False Faces Feb '19 "So - you verdammtes Prussian schwein-- I find you thus!"
Daddy-Long-Legs May '19 Three times a day the orphans faced their common enemy, the prune.
Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl May '19 "What makes you so good to me, Chinky?"
The Busher May '19 "A telegram! I wonder who's dead!"
True Heart Susie: The Story of a Plain Girl Jun '19 Do men look for the true heart in women? Or are most of them caught by the net of paint, powder and suggestive clothes?
Love's Prisoner Jun '19 Was her success the triumph of Climax Cocoa ---or a victory of girlish sincerity and youthful enthusiasm?
Sunnyside Jun '19 Oh, cruel fate.
Back to God's Country Sep '19 .... on the edge of the Arctic Sea, comes "Wapi the Killer," a throwback of forty dog generations, a white man's dog in a brown man's land.
Eyes of Youth Oct '19 GUILTLESS! Condemned by the merciless judge, Public Opinion - 'To hell for life and no parole!'
The Heart o' the Hills Nov '19 "I'm of a notion to fetch me a stick an' whoop the life outer ye!"
Male and Female Nov '19 And there it might have ended, had they not been blown by the Winds of Chance into uncharted Tropic Seas - with Destiny, unsmiling, at the Wheel.
South Dec '19 . . . The doings of these men will be written in history as a glorious epic of the great ice-fields of the South, and will be remembered as long as our Empire exists.
Scarlet Days Nov '19 Hot for vengeance, Bagley determines that Rosy shall die.
Victory Dec '19 The junk was gone; and she was alone on a desert isle with a man she scarcely knew.
Blind Husbands Dec '19 One of the most frequent reasons for divorce is "alienation of affection" ...And the reason within the reason is the fact that "the other man" steps in with his sincere (or insincere) attentions just when the husband in his self-complacency forgets the wooing wiles of his prenuptial days... Guilty! says the world condemning "the other man" ...But what of the husband?
The Tong-Man Dec '19 "Him lun up Dupont, down Saclamento; you no like stop dlinkee tea?"
The Greatest Question Dec '19 The girl's innocence and beauty arouse the woman's enmity and she decides to destroy her.
When the Clouds Roll By Dec '19 "I'm going to get that girl - find out just what happened - and then kick the stuffing out of somebody."
Pollyanna Jan '20 "Help, the turnips have got me!"
The Copperhead Jan '20 "Mr. Shanks, I love her. I don't care a tinker's damn what anybody thinks."
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Mar '20 "Damn it, I don't like it! You're tampering with the supernatural!"
Sex Apr '20 The standards of morality eternally demand that the naked soul of Sex be stripped of its falsehoods - which can only be atoned for through bitter tears.
The Toll Gate Apr '20 "We're worth about five thousand a head an' they ain't particular how we're brought in."
The Flapper May '20 They just knew he was notorious, or very gay, or perhaps an English lord - this made it so romantic.
Why Change Your Wife May '20 When a woman meets her ex-husband she realizes all she has lost; When she meets his wife she realizes all he has lost.
The Mollycoddle Jun '20 Years before, young Marshall's grandfather came abruptly on this very spot and reining in his horse, exclaimed: "Hurrah for God."
Suds Jun '20 "Blimy, you 'nd Lavender 'ave a 'ell of a time, don't you, Sudsie?"
Sand Jun '20 "Mexicans, hell!"
The Penalty Jul '20 "It's always Blizzard - that cripple from Hell."
Way Down East Sep '20 He has three specialties -- ladies -- Ladies -- and LADIES.
The County Fair Sep '20 The new preacher was a disappointment -- he promised them heaven instead of giving them hell.
Nomads of the North Sep '20 "I'm sorry I had to kill her, Boy - I'm sorry! But it was that - or starve!"
Headin' Home Sep '20 "There wuz nothin' bigoted about our new minister. He approved of ice cream an' sarsprilly in moderation."
The Soul of Youth Oct '20 It is traffic in a human soul - a woman, who pray God there be no more like, has offered for sale her unborn child. Think of it, - a helpless, little baby, before its eyes have opened on the world, labelled "unwanted" and sold!
The Saphead Oct '20 "Leon, we're to be married secretly Tuesday evening -- please make all the arrangements."
Something New Oct '20 "Stand by, Pardner! Ain't seen this gal since she was knee-high to a grasshopper an' meetin' females allus makes me nervous!"
Just Pals Nov '20 "There ain't nothin' the matter with you, is there? You didn't go to school, did you? Then why in hell send me?"
The Mark of Zorro Nov '20 "You idlers! You wasters! You fashion-plates! You sit and sip your wine while the naked back of an unprotesting soldier of Christ is lashed with the whip!"
Outside the Law Dec '20 But in all his cruel, crafty planning "Black Mike" had overlooked one thing - the human heart.
Stolen Moments Dec '20 "It looks like a woman's work. If it is - we are certain to get her - women always leave clues."
The Love Light Jan '21 And at midnight, Angela flashed her "I love you" message across the waters to the waiting Joseph.
The Kid Jan '21 "Awkward ass."
Seven Years Bad Luck Feb '21 "From your palm lines, I can see that you weren't killed in the war ..."
The Nut Mar '21 This guy is Philip Feeney. He's a hard-boiled gink and crooked as the Gulf Stream.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mar '21 Women were not strange to Julio's studio, but never before had there been one - like Marguerite.
The Whistle Apr '21 "Your mother died givin' you to me. An', damn me, I wasn't fit to have you."
Sherlock Holmes: The Man with the Twisted Lip Apr '21 "'The man with the twisted lip,' my dear Watson - and a filthy looking beast he looks, doesn't he?"
Dream Street Apr '21 Maddened with love and jealousy -- not dreaming that Gypsy's persecutor is his own brother.
The Sky Pilot May '21 "Now, you poor, ignorant heathens, don't forget to remember that this here saloon is a church - - an' get a pious look on you!"
Through the Back Door May '21 Laugh and your husband laughs with you, weep, and he laughs with somebody else.
Too Wise Wives May '21 Knitted slippers -- his pet abomination!
Peck's Bad Boy Jun '21 "Aw, they said he was only a man-eater. How did I know he'd be fond of boys?"
The Conquering Power Jul '21 A cradle of greed - each glittering louis alive - smiling back at his maddened senses, while behind the walls - beneath the floors - voices croon the soothing lullaby - Gold - Gold - Gold.
The Three Musketeers Aug '21 "Permit me to observe, monsieur, that in one respect you are absolutely perfect. You are the most perfect idiot I have ever met!"
The Blot Sep '21 Curious he had never noticed before that Juanita was - well - rather loud.
The Affairs of Anatol Sep '21 "Let's not kiss any more, dear, till after breakfast!"
Camille Sep '21 "I wish I were a relative - your servant - a dog - that I might care for you - nurse you - make you well!"
The Idle Class Sep '21 The lonely tramp.
Laughter and Tears Sep '21 "One cannot help being attracted to young females of the human species, but oh! - my sainted mother! - what nuisances they are!"
The Ace of Hearts Oct '21 "I have been in this man's confidence for three months. It is my conviction that his death would rid the world of an intolerable menace."
The Sheik Oct '21 "Does the past mean so little to you that you now steal white women and make love to them like a savage?"
Miss Lulu Bett Nov '21 "I guess you're forgettin' I'm a guest in this house, and have been for fifteen years."
Little Lord Fauntleroy Nov '21 "-- -- you, come with your ugly offspring, come here like vultures to wait for me to die!"
Love Never Dies Nov '21 Suffering under the delusion that Liz Trott is his real Mother.
The Last of the Mohicans Dec '21 "You! - The daughter of Colonel Munro! - admiring a filthy savage!"
The Sea Lion Dec '21 And then came a night of terror, with the elements lashed into such screaming fury that all hope seemed lost.
A Sailor-Made Man Dec '21 "It's too hot to play croquet_ Let's get married."
Orphans of the Storm Dec '21 Inflamed by Henriette's virginal beauty, the Marquis orders La Fleur to abduct her at any hazard.
Tol'able David Dec '21 "Hatburn, you killed my brother's dog! I have government mail and passengers now, but when I'm through - - I'll be back."
Leap Year ??? '21 "This is our saddest case, Uncle - the result of too many raisins."
My Boy Jan '22 Ellis Island - where immigrants are told where they get off - and if.
Moran of the Lady Letty Feb '22 Chopstick Charlie concludes that when a man makes love to a maid, one of them should wear skirts.
The Man from Beyond Apr '22 Then loomed what seemed the fancy of a fevered brain! A ship! An ancient square-rigged hulk, phantom-like on the rim of the frozen world, the plaything of the ever-shifting ice
Beyond the Rocks May '22 "What devotion, Morella - he has braved a house party to be near you!"
Foolish Wives May '22 "- and please, Andrew, don't try to choose my friends for me - remember - I'm free - white - and twenty-one!"
Nanook of the North Jun '22 In deference to Nanook, the great hunter, the trader entertains and attempts to explain the principle of the gramophone - - how the white man "cans" his voice.
Flesh and Blood Jul '22 "I generally keep coming till I get what I come for!"
Blood and Sand Aug '22 "Some day you will beat me with those strong hands! I should like to know what it feels like!"
Big Stakes Aug '22 "Hold on a minute, El Capitan. Before you feed yourself to the gila monster tell that hombre to give us back our guns."
Monte Cristo Sep '22 "One of these pistols is loaded. God will place the empty weapon in the guilty man's hand!"
The Light in the Dark/The Light of Faith Sep '22 "They say it glows in the dark, your Honor - and works miracles."
The Prisoner of Zenda Sep '22 "While you're unhung, Hentzau, hell lacks its master!"
Grandma's Boy Sep '22 His Old Fashioned Grandmother _ She raised him through the croup, measles and whooping cough _ and felt slighted when he dodged the mumps.
Manslaughter Sep '22 "Here's a new 'kick', Lydia! Let's put OURSELVES up as stakes! If I lose - you marry me! If you lose - I marry you!"
Lorna Doone Oct '22 "Drink to thy new Master! Drink to damnation of old Sir Ensor! Drink to my bride - warm wine for my bride of ice!"
Robin Hood Oct '22 "Damn their black hides! I'll lash them till they bleat!"
Sherlock Holmes Oct '22 "I see your wife is away - that you have resumed the practice of medicine - that you have an extremely careless servant and that you've moved your dressing table to the other side of your room."
The Headless Horseman Nov '22 From the moment Ichabod laid his eyes upon these regions of delight, the peace of his mind was at an end, and his only study was how to gain the affections of this peerless daughter of Van Tassel.
Shadows Nov '22 "Mista Yen Sin velly humble dog, but washee colla fine!"
Tess of the Storm Country Nov '22 "There's one of the godless lot now -- shameless little hussy!"
Down to the Sea in Ships Nov '22 "If you ever get hit by a whale's flukes you'll wake up in Davy Jones's Locker!"
The Toll of the Sea Nov '22 "Christian lady at Mission tell me America fine place. Women free -- can spend all husband's money."
Salomé Feb '23 "Thy body is hideous! It is like the body of a leper. I love not thy body!"
The Pilgrim Feb '23 Introducing Howard Huntington - alias "Nitro Nick" - alias "Picking Pete".
Safety Last Apr '23 "Say, for five hundred dollars I'd climb to Heaven, an' hang by my heels from the pearly gates."
Souls for Sale Apr '23 "O Hollywood! Hollywood! Thou movie-mammon that leadest our children astray, and teachest them wickedness! O Los Angeles, thy name should be Los Diaboles!"
Within the Law Apr '23 The Tombs, New York City - a grim reef in the sea of life, strewn with the wrecked souls of those who "pass in the night".
The Shock Jun '23 "Inhale it, you boob!"
The Deerslayer Jul '23 "Is this 'love your enemy'? Ugh! White man pray to great good God but laugh with Devil in Hell! Glad I am redman."
The Silent Command Aug '23 "Some women are so damned unreasonable!"
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Sep '23 Esmeralda's presence inspired Quasimodo to express his wild joy in the only way he knew.
Merry-Go-Round Sep '23 For days afterwards - when Agnes played the organ - she thought of Franz, the necktie salesman.
The White Sister Sep '23 Because of his hopeless love for Angela, the artist had painted her as an unattainable ideal - a woman too holy for mere man to possess.
The Covered Wagon Sep '23 "Wish I could get some good licker! I forgit if I remembered t' tell you what I forgot t' tell Banion when I was too sober to remember."
Scaramouche Sep '23 "Turn out the dragoons and bring me that Gavrillac lawyer, dead or alive!"
Why Worry? Sep '23 Crestshire Country Club - Aristocratic, exclusive and expensive. Wealthy society idlers with absolutely nothing to do - come here to do it.
Three Ages Sep '23 Somehow he vaguely remembered that somewhere -- sometime -- somebody made friends with some lion by doing something to some of its paws.
A Woman of Paris Sep '23 "Who do you think was with Pierre last night? That cat Paulette."
Haldane of the Secret Service Sep '23 "Partners for the next dance will be auctioned at the Love Boat when the moon is full."
The Extra Girl Oct '23 Time passed. All hope gone. Her wedding day.
Little Old New York Nov '23 The night of the celebrated pugilistic encounter between Bully Boy Brewster and the Hoboken Terror.
Our Hospitality Nov '23 "Wait, boys! Our code of honor prevents us from shooting him while he's a guest - in our house."
The Ten Commandments Nov '23 "I told you I'd break the Ten Commandments - and look what I've got for it, SUCCESS! That's all that counts! I'm sorry if your God doesn't like it - but this is my party, not His!"
Wild Oranges Jan '24 "Gimme a kiss, or I'll put you in the swamp!"
The Marriage Circle Feb '24 There is more danger in dancing than in dining.
The Thief of Bagdad Mar '24 "You shall add joy to the wedding festival by being boiled in oil."
The Enchanted Cottage Mar '24 "Of course I know I'm ugly. I know exactly what you mean, but it was a shock to be told of it so bluntly."
Beau Brummel Mar '24 Death kills but once - Life kills many times.
Girl Shy Apr '24 He was so afraid of girls that he made a secret study of them, and the more he studied them the more he feared them.
Sherlock, Jr. Apr '24 "We are lost! He is sending for the world's greatest detective - Sherlock Jr.!"
The Rejected Woman May '24 "WMG, New York City. Important announcement. If the listeners in can get in touch with John Leslie, have him return to New York immediately - His father is dead - - Other stations please relay."
The Chechahcos May '24 Beaver Camp marked the first lap on the way to the Klondike.
The Sea Hawk Jun '24 "Until you give me satisfaction, I'll horsewhip you every time we meet!"
Manhandled Aug '24 "Be kind to boobs like these and you'll ride in a Rolls. But don't fall for 'em -- always leave 'em guessing when you say goodnight."
America Aug '24 "If you expect me to read your love verses, you must not fight against my King."
Monsieur Beaucaire Aug '24 "Monsieur Vidame, you are the man of highest rank present. You will have the honor of handing Monseigneur his shirt!"
The Red Lily Sep '24 "Soon my fat wife will die... and I shall take you to St. Moritz."
Her Night of Romance Oct '24 "Mr. Adams buys your house - you get the money - then you marry his daughter and get back your house."
The Iron Horse Oct '24 Hell on Wheels.
The Navigator Oct '24 Going on a honeymoon without a bride is like singing the words of "Kiss Me Again" to the music of "Alice, Where Art Thou."
HE Who Gets Slapped Nov '24 "Honorable Gentlemen, tonight I will prove the earth is round -"
Hot Water Nov '24 Married life is like dandruff - it falls heavily upon your shoulders - you get a lot of free advice about it - but up to date nothing has been found to cure it.
Isn't Life Wonderful? Dec '24 The Wonder of Life: WANT paraded by with sorrowful banners, but LOVE gilded their eyes and they saw - ONLY BEAUTY!
Romola Dec '24 "For the love of St. Giovanni, woman, throw your own vegetables!"
Peter Pan Dec '24 "The first who does not behave to Wendy like an American gentleman, I'll blood him severely."
Smouldering Fires Jan '25 The careless and cynical world saw only a middle-aged woman in love with a boy -- and whispered and laughed.
Greed Jan '25 "I liked best ... the fellow who played 'Nearer My God to Thee' ... on the beer bottles."
Charley's Aunt Feb '25 "She's an eccentric old lady from Brazil - where the nuts come from."
The Midnight Girl Feb '25 Selecting a new sweetheart is almost as difficult as picking out a new hat.
The Rag Man Feb '25 "I'll buy a brand new second-hand Ford."
Lady of the Night Feb '25 "Well, ta, ta, dearie - we're entertaining some shy sheiks from Cheyenne."
Riders of the Purple Sage Mar '25 With a feeling of security in the company of Lassiter, Jane rides the range for the first time in months.
Seven Chances Mar '25 "There's plenty of time - you've got until seven o'clock tonight to get married."
The Monster Mar '25 Watson had a keg of cider in the smoke house, so Betty's party brought out the cream of society.
The Unholy Three May '25 "Tweedledee! Twenty inches! Twenty years! Twenty pounds! The Twentieth Century Curiosity!"
Paths to Paradise Jun '25 "He wanchee ten dollee buy hop. He no smokee - go clazy - kill somebody."
Don Q Son of Zorro Jun '25 "Oh, you are the Californian with the whip!"
The Gold Rush Jun '25 Chicken or no chicken, his friend looks appetizing.
The Wizard of Oz Jun '25 "Do your stuff, Wizzy!"
The Freshman Jul '25 "I'm just a regular fellow - step right up and call me Speedy!"
Parisian Love Aug '25 "You snuff-smelling, absinthe-gargling Frochard - I am leaving you now! Forever!"
Her Sister from Paris Aug '25 In the meantime, the shades of night were falling fast. Joseph and Bob prepared to do likewise.
Sally of the Sawdust Aug '25 The old army game!
The Merry Widow Aug '25 "- I went through the same damn thing with my first sweetheart! -"
The Mystic Sep '25 "You love me - damn you! - and I love you!"
The Vanishing American Oct '25 NOTE: The character of Nasja is played by Man Hammer's Oldest Boy, who has no name of his own. Nor will he have until he does something to distinguish himself among the people of his tribe.
Little Annie Rooney Oct '25 "Who threw that empty banana?"
Go West Nov '25 Some people travel through life making friends where ever they go, while others - Just travel through life.
The Big Parade Nov '25 "They got him! They got him! GOD DAMN THEIR SOULS!"
The Eagle Nov '25 Revenge is sweet, but sometimes a girl is sweeter.
The Phantom of the Opera Nov '25 "No longer like a toad in these foul cellars will I secrete the venom of hatred - - for you shall bring me love!"
The Road to Yesterday Nov '25 "Aye, she's a witch! She has a magic knife that chased me through the forest and pierced me in the vitals."
Stage Struck Nov '25 Orme worshipped actresses of every kind and shape -- with all the fervor of a young man who has never met one.
The Red Kimona Nov '25 "You shot Howard Blaine because he was going to marry another woman - didn't you?"
Clash of the Wolves Nov '25 Even as, ages ago, the first wolf surrendered to man's love, so Lobo forsook the wild and became Dave's dog.
Free to Love Nov '25 The father of the young preacher! And he - Tony - had set the trap that would disgrace him and "The Slum Angel"
Cobra Nov '25 "You are infamous - you are poisonous - like a cobra!"
The Circle Dec '25 It is the intention to herein point up that old, yet so valuable, moral -- "MAN MAY SELECT A WIFE-BUT HE SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHOSE WIFE HE SELECTS!"
The Plastic Age Dec '25 When Carl Peters kissed a girl twice, her picture was added to his "harem".
Wolf Blood Dec '25 To Bannister's mind - - weakened from the loss of blood at the time of his injury came the remembrance of the weird tales of the Loup Garou of the Far North - - The Wolf in human form!
Tumbleweeds Dec '25 "Lucky for you pups this ain't my day for killin' varmints."
Lady Windermere's Fan Dec '25 A gentleman's relation to a lady is indicated by the manner in which he rings her doorbell.
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Dec '25 "Will women ever cease to paint their faces!"
[M-G-M Studio Tour] ??? '25 Which do you want, a gentle zephyr or a cyclonic blow?
Body and Soul ??? '25 "Don't say 'niggah,' mother. It's vulgar."
Santa Claus ??? '25 "But, no matter how much I have to do, I watch the children through my telescope every day, and you can never tell when I may be looking right straight at you."
Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life ??? '25 At ease by their fire, the camel drivers tell tales of the desert - - and stories of the Forgotten People, whom none has seen.
Poor Mrs. Jones Jan '26 "Why Jane, there's barely room for one good-sized woman in my kitchen, let alone two!"
The Blackbird Jan '26 "I say....we are going down Plum Alley to see the Chinkies smoking."
Hands Up! Jan '26 "If you delay me again, I'll blow you out from under your hat!"
Saturday Afternoon Jan '26 In 1864 when Lincoln declared all men free and equal, did he, or did he not, include husbands?
La Bohème Feb '26 "Now that our rent is paid, we can all starve to death comfortably."
Torrent Feb '26 "Wine of Spain! It would make a bullfrog sing tenor!"
Mare Nostrum Feb '26 "You do not know the difference between a frigate and a brigantine! What the devil do they teach you at school?"
The Devil's Circus Feb '26 When the devil pulls the strings, all the world must dance.
The Black Pirate Mar '26 It was the custom of THESE PIRATES to SUBDUE their prey, LOOT the ship, BIND their captives and BLOW THEM UP.
The Bat Mar '26 "For twenty years I've stood by you through Socialism, Theosophism and Rheumatism - - but I draw the line at Spookism!"
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Mar '26 At the Crossroads of the World - shall he take the Primrose Path or the Easiest Way?
Midnight Faces Mar '26 "The cat is dead!"
The Volga Boatman Apr '26 "I'm not going to bribe you, Mr. Boatman - - I'm going to reward you! A Distinguished Bravery Medal for shooting a defenseless woman!"
Kiki Apr '26 "You're lucky. Last time a man tried that - I knifed him through the heart."
Brown of Harvard Apr '26 "Must a man marry a girl just because he kisses psalm singing long-hair?"
For Heaven's Sake Apr '26 Every city has two districts - - Uptown, where the people are cursed with money - and Downtown, where they are cursed without it.
The Boob May '26 "Women was made from ribs, son; skin and bone - - and no brains."
Ella Cinders Jun '26 Every second Thursday, the Pollyanna Club met at the Cinders' home - and cheated one another at cards.
Up in Mabel's Room Jun '26 "If I can find my husband in New York, I'm going to get a credit slip for our divorce."
The Son of the Sheik Jul '26 "Women -- bah! Heed them not -- for today's peach is tomorrow's prune!"
Mantrap Jul '26 At ten o'clock, the orgy was at its height.
The Bells Jul '26 "On the night of the great storm last Christmas, tell us what you did with the Polish Jew's body."
The Scarlet Letter Aug '26 "Wood-pussy!"
Don Juan Aug '26 "Ah, he is the one they call the great lover!"
3 Bad Men Aug '26 "They had a lot of trouble takin' out Spud Taylor's appendix -- they had to kill him first."
The Show Off Aug '26 "Keep your damn hands to yourself! I never saw such a pest in my life!"
Beau Geste Aug '26 "They believe in God. We believe in France!"
The Strong Man Sep '26 "Hey, there! You can't leave your women lying around like this!"
Sparrows Sep '26 "A whole month ago you said the Lord would help us get away. What's He been doin' all month?"
Battling Butler Sep '26 "I want you to know me as I am -- not as the brutal, blood-thirsty beast that I am when fighting."
The Temptress Oct '26 "God makes men - and woman makes fools!"
The Better 'Ole Oct '26 "Let's get out of this damn 'ole!"
The Great K & A Train Robbery Oct '26 "She's a great girl! I sort of hate to have her think I'm a low-down train robber -"
The Magician Oct '26 "If you wish to see strange things I have the power to show them to you."
Exit Smiling Nov '26 The first time a girl's in love....all the world's a song. After that it becomes a phonographic record.
Bardelys the Magnificent Nov '26 "I can win any woman I want for my wife -- but, Mon Dieu, I don't want a wife!"
The Winning of Barbara Worth Dec '26 "Out here, Mr. Holmes, one doesn't learn how to say 'I love you' - one learns how to prove it. Buenos nachos, señor."
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Dec '26 So, instead of going to the dance, Mame gave Lem a thrill by suggesting a little party in his room.
Tell It to the Marines Dec '26 And they let Marines sleep as late as they long as they're up by five o'clock.
Flesh and the Devil Dec '26 "Leo, this is can't shoot each other over a few hasty words in a game of cards!"
The Show Jan '27 "Christ! He's dead!"
The Kid Brother Jan '27 "Son, you might get hurt. This is a man's job."
The Red Mill Jan '27 "I never believed in love at first sight until I took a second look at you."
The Sorrows of Satan Feb '27 "God's love! God's justice! I could run things better than He does!"
The General Feb '27 "If you lose this war don't blame me."
It Feb '27 In a shopgirl's day, the first thousand customers are the crabbiest.
The Love of Sunya Mar '27 Having, like the priest, passed through many lives on a destined path, the reincarnation of the Egyptian maiden is now in the body of an American girl.
Orchids and Ermine Mar '27 "New York is just a battle between blondes and brunettes -- -- and I'm no dub when it comes to chemical warfare!"
The Beloved Rogue Mar '27 "Fellow jack-asses -- and ladies! Lend me your long ears!"
Mr. Wu Mar '27 "Darned if I'll drink tea with a Chink."
Long Pants Mar '27 "You've read so many books you think you're Don Juan! Well, no son of mine is going to be a vampire!"
The Notorious Lady Mar '27 Married women usually visit single men's apartments for a reason - and occasionally for a good reason.
The King of Kings Apr '27 "Harness my zebras - gift of the Nubian King! This Carpenter shall learn that He cannot hold a man from Mary Magdalene!"
His First Flame May '27 They say, "Love is the only fire against which there is no insurance."
7th Heaven May '27 "That's why I'm an atheist - God owes me ten francs!"
The Yankee Clipper May '27 Trapped! - as the hideous Shadow of Destruction blots out the light of day.
Captain Salvation May '27 "Widow Pepkin's right - reg'lar orgy was goin' on, 's what I heard!"
The Kid Stakes Jun '27 Under that velvet jacket beats a hot and restless heart.
The Unknown Jun '27 "But you forget....she saw her father strangled by a hand with two thumbs."
Old San Francisco Jun '27 "You're a wise Chinaman. Bring the deeds and meet me at the Poodle Dog tonight."
The First Auto Jun '27 "I can't be friends with any man who'd rather feed kerosene to a buggy than look into the eyes of a faithful horse!"
Wings Aug '27 "I hope we meet some Heinies."
Mockery Aug '27 "The revolution is on the stairs!"
Running Wild Aug '27 "Listen, cripple-brains - - keep your mouth shut and give your ears some exercise!"
When a Man Loves Aug '27 "I'm sorry, Fabien - but I'm just a woman. I shall always love jewels and pretty clothes!"
What Price Glory Aug '27 "Now who's S.O.L.?"
Three's a Crowd Aug '27 "I can't get that guy up - five o'clock -- half the morning gone!"
The Patent Leather Kid Sep '27 "Kid - - lovin' yer country is like lovin' yer mother - - ya just can't help it."
Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness Sep '27 Tigers like dog-meat, and like it young and tender.
The Cat and the Canary Sep '27 "He's a maniac who thinks he's a cat, and tears his victims like they were canaries!"
Barbed Wire Sep '27 War could efface men and cities from the earth - but it could not tear Christmas from the calendar.
College Sep '27 "Future generations depend upon brains and not upon jumping the discus or hurdling the javelin."
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg Sep '27 "Why, what are you talking about? Everybody has liked those rooms for the last four hundred years!"
Two Arabian Knights Sep '27 "I can't speak Arabical - but I've got a handful of sure death, and I'm nervous!"
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Sep '27 "God is giving you, in the holy bonds of matrimony, a trust. She is young...and inexperienced. Guide her and love her..."
The Ring Oct '27 "If you win this next fight with the nigger, you'll be in the running for the championship."
The Jazz Singer Oct '27 "Leave my house! I never want to see you again - you jazz singer!"
Spring Fever Oct '27 "You're so beautiful I feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm not looking at you."
Downhill Oct '27 "Why, you silly boy, I believe you're falling in love with me."
Underworld Oct '27 A great city in the dead of night .... streets lonely, moon-flooded .... buildings empty as the cliff-dwellings of a forgotten age -
My Best Girl Oct '27 "I must follow her, Millicent -- I've broken her heart!"
Quality Street Nov '27 "Are you angry with me for my unseemly violence of last evening?"
Uncle Tom's Cabin Nov '27 "No, Massa! My body may belong to you, but my soul belongs to God."
Man, Woman and Sin Nov '27 "My, I love monkeys. Don't you?"
The Gaucho Nov '27 "Adios, chatita. I go for gold to the City of the Miracle."
Love Nov '27 "Madame....I have loved him as a son....but the honor of the regiment must be upheld!"
London After Midnight Dec '27 "Now do you believe in vampires?"
The Scar of Shame ??? '27 "You're goin' to help me get the gal away from that simp, then we'll blow this dump, beat it for a live town, open a swell cabaret, and with her looks and my brains we'll clean up!"
That Certain Thing Jan '28 Maggie Kelly always told her husband where to go. One day he went there - - leaving her a widow.
West Point Jan '28 "What'll it be....The Coughing Sonata from Camille, or The Flea Song from Tales of Hoffman?"
The Circus Jan '28 "I told you the lions were dangerous!"
The Last Command Jan '28 "I'll show you dirty revolutionary dogs!"
The Garden of Eden Feb '28 "I'm sure Adam told Eve she was the only woman in the world for him."
The Chaser Feb '28 "EXTRA! EXTRA! Skirts drive man to suicide!"
The Crowd Feb '28 "Take it from me, marriage isn't a's a sentence!"
Doomsday Feb '28 "I'm glad you're not one of those useless women who are afraid to soil their hands."
Stand and Deliver Feb '28 "I got kind heart. You can join us and be shot by soldiers -- or go back to soldiers and be shot by us."
A Girl in Every Port Feb '28 "You're not in love. You're just broke out all over with monkey-bites."
The Smart Set Mar '28 "You must quit biting me, sir! I can't explain to my wife!"
The Farmer's Wife Mar '28 "You are the first man who has accepted my sex challenge!"
Chicago Mar '28 "Roxie's eyes were not too dimmed by tears to shoot! NO! They were lighted by the pure glow of her innocent soul!"
Easy Virtue Mar '28 "The attractive wife of a drunken husband - - alone all day with another man who loved her - the evidence looks conclusive to me."
The Patsy Mar '28 "Always remember - Nature gives us many of our features, but she lets us pick our own teeth."
The Trail of '98 Mar '28 "You hell-hounds! The devil's lollin' in the bay-windows of your souls while God's freezin' in the attic!"
Speedy Apr '28 "You thief! It's men like you that make women afraid to wear underwear."
Street Angel Apr '28 "Bah! I don't like painters...I don't like men! Stick to your goats!"
Won in the Clouds Apr '28 "As Whittier says: 'O headache, thy name is woman'!"
Across to Singapore Apr '28 "Stand back! Unhand that woman .... or my trusty pistol will bark your doom!"
Laugh, Clown, Laugh May '28 "Count Ravelli, your spells of uncontrollable laughter are due to a life of self-indulgence."
Steamboat Bill, Jr. May '28 "Any of you boys looking for a father?"
Hangman's House May '28 "You haven't been to Hell yet, either....have you?"
The Matinee Idol May '28 "Say, you might be a star on Broadway, but you don't mean a thing to me! You're too darn fresh!"
The Racket Jun '28 "So that government of the professionals, by the professionals, and for the professionals, shall not perish from the earth."
White Shadows in the South Seas Jul '28 "You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Doc - you're a disgrace to the white race - -"
The Mating Call Jul '28 "You look like Hell."
The Mysterious Lady Aug '28 "We have entrusted you with an important mission, Karl. These plans must reach Berlin."
Arizona Days Aug '28 "The Cowman's Association would git suspicious if yuh was th' only one of us that didn't have beef stolen - that's why we're takin' some o' yore herd along."
Tempest Aug '28 This is the storm-swept romance of a poor dragoon and a proud princess - of imperial Russia - in the last long calm before the red tempest of terror.
Champagne Aug '28 "Wouldn't I love to see dear Daddy's face when he hears I've run away with you after all - and lost his aeroplane besides!"
The Cardboard Lover Aug '28 Whatever Sally started she always finished. She was born in Chicago.
While the City Sleeps Sep '28 "If you don't believe I'm an undertaker ... come 'round and I'll measure you for a coffin."
Beggars of Life Sep '28 "It's rainin' hoboes, that's what's happenin'!"
The Cameraman Sep '28 "Will you keep out of my undershirt?"
The Docks of New York Sep '28 "He's the most even-tempered guy I ever knew - always sore!"
The Wedding March Oct '28 "I'll kick his glass-eyed mug to goulash! --"
Our Dancing Daughters Oct '28 "Wouldst fling a hoof with me?"
The Battle of the Sexes Oct '28 "He's fat and dumb - but he gives me diamonds."
The Power of the Press Oct '28 "You'll look so romantic, when the coroner finds you - - in each other's arms!"
The Viking Nov '28 "Tell me how my son has displeased you, so that I may slay him with my own hands!"
The Man Who Laughs Nov '28 "How dare you refuse the hand of a Duchess - - you clown!"
Romance of the Underworld Nov '28 "Why play with that iceberg -- when you could have a steam-heated Momma like me?"
Show People Nov '28 "You have reduced me to beggary, kidnapped my husband, and murdered my aged mother -- but beware! Don't go too far!"
The Wind Nov '28 "You've been my wife a whole hour - and I ain't kissed you yet!"
West of Zanzibar Nov '28 "Cripes, Gov'nor .... the Evil Spirit is at it again!"
Riley the Cop Nov '28 "It's against th' law to be drunk on my beat....get over on Krausmeyer's."
A Lady of Chance Dec '28 "I never realized how uninteresting cement was until I met you."
The Spieler Dec '28 "If I catch you pinchin' a poke around here again, I'll smack your dirty little ears off."
A Woman of Affairs Dec '28 "It's a secret, dearest Hugh - - but tomorrow night my enemy, Sir Morton Holderness, becomes my - father-in-law!"
The Flying Scotsman ??? '29 "Tell me, Joan - where have you been all my life?"
The Flying Fleet Jan '29 Thousands of feet higher.... the Crack Squadron.
Weary River Feb '29 "What a sock on the nose for Spadoni!"
The Iron Mask Feb '29 "Your own damnable invention will be your doom."
Wild Orchids Feb '29 "Your country has always interested me - with its worship of the great God business."
Redskin Feb '29 "The white school has had you ten years -- I'll make you a Pueblo woman again in ten minutes!"
Desert Nights Mar '29 "My machine gun will mow them down like weeds."
Tide of Empire Mar '29 "Heck! Gettin' a wife's like gettin' hives....and not havin' finger-nails!"
The Divine Lady Mar '29 "I am sorry to lose a good cook - but I will not tolerate a brazen hussy like your daughter."
The Godless Girl Mar '29 "Bozo, swear that you don't believe in the Bible - the Church - or God!"
Spite Marriage Apr '29 There are only two cures for love .... marriage and suicide.
Show Boat Apr '29 "Julie Dozier, I'm not going to have my daughter corrupted by a show-boat trollop like you!"
Where East Is East May '29 "She is bad! White boy like sheep with tiger! Take him away!"
Eternal Love May '29 "My gun is my life! Who dares to take it away from me?"
Piccadilly Jun '29 "That's just what I am! Jealous! Jealous! And it seems to me I've good reason to be - never will I dance in the Piccadilly again!"
Noah's Ark Jun '29 "Children are like men. You must whip them into obedience."
For the Term of His Natural Life Jun '29 "Why waste tears on convict scum? Lighten my sufferings with a sweet kiss."
The Single Standard Jul '29 "Let's go for a drive -- I feel like doing seventy!"
Our Modern Maidens Aug '29 "Lunch is poured!"
The Love Trap Aug '29 And so, if it wasn't exactly marriage a la carte -- it was marriage a la taxi-cab.
Evangeline Aug '29 The long, sad years glided on, and in many places was seen Evangeline, the Wanderer ... Like a phantom she came, and passed ... unremembered.
Speedway Sep '29 According to Bill Whipple's impression of Bill Whipple, nobody had anything on Bill Whipple but Bill Whipple.
The Mysterious Island Oct '29 "But I needn't explain to you, Countess Sonia. You know every bit of machinery on the ship as well as I do."
Thundering Thompson Oct '29 "That's Thundering Thompson, men. Unless we get rid of him, we're facing the penitentiary for this!"
The Kiss Nov '29 "You're getting excited again, Charles -- and you know it's bad for you."
The Manxman Nov '29 A trusting, joyous husband - an adored, unhappy wife whose secret misery brought death into her soul.
City Girl Feb '30 "Son, you know I..... I wasn't meanin' to shoot you."
The Silent Enemy Aug '30 "I have seen the Great Canoe! It is waiting - - to bear me across the Milky Way to the Happy Hunting Grounds - -"
City Lights: A Comedy Romance in Pantomime Jan '31 "Yes, I can see now."
Tabu: A Story of the South Seas Aug '31 ACROSS
Queen Kelly ??? '32 "Come on, Wild Wolfram! I've bet my nightie on you!"


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